Every mother teaches her children, whether you have just a few minutes a day or 24/7 to be teaching, you CAN and DO teach your Children!

This is just a little notebook tucked away on the web for all the little things I'm learning as I teach my children, but mostly learn from them, and especially the things I wish I could have known 6 children ago! Becoming a Mother is such a beautiful and strenuous process that unfolds line upon line.

Enjoy and please feel free to contribute thoughts, links, and ideas you have or find!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am someone who likes to be busy, I love having things to do and projects to accomplish, and apparently I'm not the only one who knows this! We have been blessed with 4 beautiful little boys in 4 yrs. As of today they are a 4 1/2yr old, two - 2 1/2 yr olds, and 7 months old. My life is full of; joy, tears, smiles, laughs, sillies, questions, noise, energy (though at times not enough in me as around me!), and most important love! I wouldn't have it any other way!! Though I must admit that at times I miss some of the things that I used to do, and keep wishing that I could accomplish some of the projects that are making the "back-burner" full! I think that Heavenly Father knew that I'd try to make my life full one way or another, and that this was the best way.

Along those lines lately I've been searching to 'find' something 'more' to do. And as I pondered and thought and looked and prayed I finally found my answer, right in front of me. My purpose in life is not to do all the things that I dream up in my head (I'm quite a dreamer/entrepreneur in my mind... I just don't have the time in real life to do all the things I think and dream about.) It IS however to be a Wife, Mother, and a Teacher to the dear Children who I have been so very blessed to be the Mother of! I read a great quote the other day about how we measure our success, and it caused me to think about what I measure my success by. And what success means to me. It is my children! Who they are and become reflects upon what we teach them. The thought that I keep coming back to is to work and strive to "Teach The Children" that I love so.

I have always thought it helpful to have a person or place to account to on progress of a pursuit, as this is one which I want to do my very best on, I decided it would be wise to create a place to put the things I learn, resources I find, and the things we do along this wonderful journey of "Teaching the Children".  It is for my own personal reference more than anything, but if you have found your way here and want to read along your welcome to join us.  I hope that maybe something we find or do will help you on your own journey to "Teach The Children".

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  1. What a wonderful blog! These area great thoughts and ideas and are worth reading and pondering over and over again. I'll be anxiously awaiting your new posts, so please don't stop!

    Your devoted husband,



Every child and every adult is individual and different! When you are doing your best and seeking inspiration as to what is best for your child(ren) you will be given the guidance that you and they need. It likely will be quite different than what I or someone else is doing, but you need to do what is right and best for your child. I hope that some of my experiences can help someone on their quest to learn how to become all that they can become, I am glad that I have recorded them!

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