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This is just a little notebook tucked away on the web for all the little things I'm learning as I teach my children, but mostly learn from them, and especially the things I wish I could have known 6 children ago! Becoming a Mother is such a beautiful and strenuous process that unfolds line upon line.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"A" is for...

We are starting our preschool. We will be doing 1 letter every 2 weeks and 1 number every week for our preschool (for now...once we really get in gear we'll bump it up to 1 letter a week). This week we'll start with the letter "A, a". Here are the ideas and posts that I am finding to use for our A week. Enjoy!

WEEK GOAL: Create a school Calendar.

August - the perfect month to start with the letter A.

Aug 3 is Air Traffic Controllers Day & Airplane Crop Duster Day & American Family Day - Learn about America & airplanes.

Andy the Ag-Plane Skit & coloring pieces - scroll down through a lot of pages, nearly to the end.

A is for Airplane — Pretend to be an airplane. Spread your arms way out at your sides and "fly" around the room. Don't forget to add sound effects too! The Active Alphabet @ UP

Animal Puppet Stick - Print off an "A" animal color page (pick any animal that your child would like), color it, cut it out and glue it to a craft stick. 

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Every child and every adult is individual and different! When you are doing your best and seeking inspiration as to what is best for your child(ren) you will be given the guidance that you and they need. It likely will be quite different than what I or someone else is doing, but you need to do what is right and best for your child. I hope that some of my experiences can help someone on their quest to learn how to become all that they can become, I am glad that I have recorded them!

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