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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Educational Philosophy

Can I just say "Wow!"  It is amazing the things you can learn and even do in college and 10 years later have no memory of...  so I was looking through some more papers and notes from my college "Intro to Teaching Young Children" class.  And I found a paper I wrote called an Educational Philosophy Paper, it's purpose was for the creation of a preschool and to let prospective parents know what my Educational Philosophy for my preschool was.  It is a good paper - if I do say so myself ;-)  I am SOOO glad that I found this notebook, and even more glad that I tend to be a bit of a pack rat on certain things!  So here goes...

Chelsea's Educational Philosophy Paper
Dear Parents and children,
      Hello and welcome to my preschool.  Before we begin discussing other matters, I would like for you to know my feelings and beliefs on just what education is and how children should be taught.  I have five main areas that i will discuss my opinion on.

1.    There are many conflicting beliefs on what the main purposes of education are of should be.  I believe that education should fulfill many purposes.  Some of these purposes are; to gain the wisdom needed to use their knowledge appropriately, to learn how to solve real life problems; to attain the skills that are necessary to be able to live a well balanced life; to become aware of what is happening around them, then form their own opinion on the different matters, and be able to act on that opinion; and to prepare children to take charge of their own education and how far and what they will study.

2.    Every child has different needs that have to be attended to in order for him or her to grow and learn to their greatest potential.  I feel that a few of the special needs for growth are;   that each child needs to feel secure where they are and have the freedom to explore; they need to find incentive for what they learn; there needs to be activities that help develop the child's social, emotional, and physical areas; and the caregiver has to be able to attend to every child's needs.

3.  Children will learn better when they are taught in certain ways, a few of these are; being actively involved in their education; when the priority is on the child not the preschool as a whole; when each child's differences are compensated for; by interacting and playing; and when the teacher is in charge and  able to use discipline when needed.

4.  A good learning environment is especially important to the child's education, some good features are; having a place prepared to teach in, mentally and physically; that it is a place where children can learn on their own; materials need to be easily assessable; a good mood needs to be set by the teacher; and it must be a safe location and environment.

5.    Last, but not least, a teacher must have certain qualities and behaviors, some of the most important are; to be well educated; to be a guide, not an obstacle; to demonstrate and teach caring characteristics; truly believing that ALL children can learn; always being open to new ways of thinking; they need to be good and communicating; and they must consistently be striving to improve themselves, their teaching skills, and become an ideal teacher.  

   I hope that you have found my policies and philosophies to be in accordance with your feelings on these matters that I have discussed.  The following pages will take each of these five areas into more detail and there are quotes to support my opinions, these quotes come from two college textbooks and are reliable.  If you have any questions or comments please consult me.

     Thank you for taking the time to read through this and consider my preschool.

~ The rest to follow soon.  ~

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