Every mother teaches her children, whether you have just a few minutes a day or 24/7 to be teaching, you CAN and DO teach your Children!

This is just a little notebook tucked away on the web for all the little things I'm learning as I teach my children, but mostly learn from them, and especially the things I wish I could have known 6 children ago! Becoming a Mother is such a beautiful and strenuous process that unfolds line upon line.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Children Learn What They Live

On those days when I become overwhelmed and my patience is wearing thin, I like to remember this quote...

Download free jpg of 'Children Learn What They Live' - it is 8x12" or any 4x6" ratio

... it helps me to remember to be Tolerant, Encouraging, to Praise, Accept, be Honest, treat with Fairness, give Security, and be Friendly to my children, for that is the sort of life I want them to Live!  I saw this quote at a Dr's office, it struck a cord in me, and I LOVE it!  It helps me remember that to raise a patient, confident, appreciative, loving, honest, fair, secure, faithful, and friendly child I must first treat him or her so!  I hope it helps you feel empowered to be the best you can be for your child too.

As I work to find the "niche" for this blog and our preschool here at home.  My dear husband found a wonderful looking book on Amazon called Mommy, Teach Me: Preparing Your Preschool Child for a Lifetime of Learning, I have only read the introduction from the "Click here to look inside" link on Amazon (A great little feature that lets you preview parts of the book) if you have a minute - go read her introduction, my favorite page is pg 7.  It is SO good and so empowering!  You can teach your children.  I am going to be saving up for this book!  Enjoy!

  Soon I will also have a free .psd template file for this quote as well so those with photoshop can replace the photo with their own.

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Every child and every adult is individual and different! When you are doing your best and seeking inspiration as to what is best for your child(ren) you will be given the guidance that you and they need. It likely will be quite different than what I or someone else is doing, but you need to do what is right and best for your child. I hope that some of my experiences can help someone on their quest to learn how to become all that they can become, I am glad that I have recorded them!

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