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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A mother's education... and some other thoughts

I have a very active mind, my husband and I joke that it is like there is a hamster in there that loves to run on the wheel and rarely stops.  I have Always loved learning and college was one of the favorite times of my life, if I could be an eternal college student I'd love it!  We've always talked about how I would take a class here or there once my husband had finished his education and we could afford it.  Now I'm beginning to wonder if it is yet that time of life... I would Love to take a class... and yet, life is so full that I'm not sure that it would fit in now... or even will anytime in the near future.  Being a mother is a full time job!  And one that I love, yet often I find myself looking for a little something for me.  The ideas of what that could be change constantly, everything from a community class, to a creating a small home based business and back again.  As a bit of a perfectionist (in some specific areas, other areas not so much...) I can really get into an idea, make lots of preliminary plans, and then realize that it would cause disruption in our home and family, so I drop it... but I am having a hard time finding something that could fulfill that desire without becoming a distraction from the things and more importantly the people at home that mean the most to me.  So I am turning in circles, most days I am completely happy and love being home every day with my little ones, but there are days that I'm down and out feeling tired and dizzy trying to find a creative outlet.  (The pregnancy hormones are likely to blame for part of it ;-)  I find it funny too that despite the fact that I often feel overwhelmed by the number of things that are on my "to do list" and I'm not getting too, yet I want to add something else to it too!  What an interesting creature a woman is!   I'm digressing, so on to the point of this post...

In some of my pondering and searching I came across some great articles that I wanted to be able to find again and that I feel a desire to write down my thoughts on (mostly so if tomorrow is a tough day I can come back and read this again!)

In the March 1975 Ensign, a section titled "Insights" if you scroll down a little there is an article called "Women and Education" that I found very comforting.  It mentions that we have been taught by the leaders of our Church that "mothers who have young children in the home should devote their primary energies to the companionship and training of their children and the care of their families", and it brings me comfort knowing that I'm working everyday to do just that.  It also talks of how much of a woman's life is not during this stage, and that is one of the reasons why we are encouraged to gain an education. Sometimes when we are in the stage of young children, it is hard and sad to imagine that someday they will no longer be young!  As I transitioned straight from finishing my education into becoming a mother, sometimes I wonder if I will ever really use or need the degrees that I worked to obtain.   So it is nice to think that an education is to prepare us not only for motherhood but also our entire period of life.

At the bottom of the same "Insights" there is an article called "The Creative Climate" and is a great eye opener as to things we say to our children that either cultivate their creativity or discourage it.  Here are a few of the statements that foster courage, self-confidence and creativity:

"That time you almost did it; you're doing better every time.

That's a good idea!

That looks interesting.  Tell me about it.

It's okay if you get dirty.  :-)

Have fun!

I appreciate your help.

What ever you decide is fine with me."
And the list goes on.

I also found an article about "Lifelong Learning" on Mormon.org a few of my favorite quotes from there are "God expects all of us to gather as much knowledge as we are able—at school, at work and on our own. Doing so will help us through the challenges of this life, bring us closer to Him and prepare us for the life to come."  Pres.  Uchtdorf said, "...encourage your families… to learn and become better educated. If formal education is not available, do not allow that to prevent you from acquiring all the knowledge you can. Under such circumstances, the best books, in a sense, can become your 'university'—a classroom that is always open and admits all who apply.”  So even though taking more formal educational classes, or beginning a small home based business is not the best thing to do at this stage of my life, I can continue to learn and I must not become discouraged, but search out the best books to read and to learn from.  Then if the time comes that I can "do more" so to speak, I will be more prepared to succeed.  And even more important is that we find joy in the journey, and as Elder Uchtdorf recently said, "forget not to; be patient with ourselves, the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice, to be happy now, the "why" of the gospel, and that the Lord loves you."

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